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Quotes on madness

Seneca: “Null magnum ingenium sine mixtura dementia.”

Diderot: “How near is madness to genius”.

Lombroso: “Anyone who has had the rate fortune to live with men of genius, is soon struck with the facility with which they misinterpret the acts of others, believe themselves persecuted and find everywhere profound and infinite reasons for grief and melancholy”

Bernard Shaw (1908): “It is necessary for the welfare of society that genius should be privileged to outer sedition, to blaspheme to outrage good tastes, to corrupt the youthful mind and generally to scandalise its’ uncles”

Babcock (1895): “First, and most prominent in the order of frequency is an early death. Second, he may swell the criminal ranks, Third, he may become mentally deranged and ultimately find his way into a hospital for the insane. Fourth, and less frequently, he startles the world by and invention or discovery in science or by an original composition of great merit in art, music, or literature. He is then styled a genius.”

Oglivy (1971): “Few of the great creators had bland personalities, they are cantankerous egoists, the kind of men who are unwelcome in a modern corporation. Consider Churchill, he drank like a fish, he was capricious and wilful. When opposed he sulked. He was rude to fools, he was wildly extravagant, he bullied his subordinates.”

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