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Falling, Flying or being naked: what our dreams really mean

Although there is some debate about the function and importance of our dreams, they are largely considered to be a powerful portent of our unconscious thoughts. The interpretation of dreams goes back as far as ancient Greek and Egyptian civilisations, but in the 20th century, two predominant schools of thought developed. Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung both believed that our dreams represent unfulfilled wishes, while cognitive psychologists argue that dreams are more likely to be a representation of our everyday experiences, a way of processing our thoughts, feelings and interaction with others. Here are some of the most popular dream themes that people seek an explanation for:

Flying: unlike most other common themes, dreaming that you can fly is usually considered to be a positive experience. However, if you dream that you cannot stay in control of your fly then this may relate to fears about control in the real world.

Falling: in the first stages of sleep, we often have spasm in our limbs, which jerk us awake, and falling dreams often take place in the early stages, so they may be related to some unconscious need to stay alert.

Being naked: metaphorically, clothes represent concealment or protection, so dreaming that you are naked could indicate vulnerability, or that you feel some aspect of you is exposed to ridicule or disgrace.

Teeth: on interpretation is that teeth represent power, so losing them may indicate feelings of helplessness. Losing teeth may also indicate that we feel unhappy with our appearance. Research suggest that dreams about losing teeth become more prevalent in women going through the menopause.

Sitting a test: being tested in some way may indicate that you feel under scrutiny. Pay more attention to how you feel about the test than its content, you may be feeling generally frustrate, nervous or unprepared.

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