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The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are. –  C. G. Jung

“ I can't believe how much I had to learn about myself to help me be in control of my life again. Step by step, Veronica has helped me unpick so many things. It didn't always make complete sense during a session but by the time of our next one I had had the chance to digest the information, put it into practice and move on to the next issue.

I was having anxiety and panic attacks by the time I came to see Veronica. Just stepping on the escalator at work would provoke a panic attack and I had to go home. I never thought that I could go back to my office again but, thanks to Veronica's help, I can now recognise the triggers and manage them by myself.

Veronica helped me progressively go back to work, and after a year I found the confidence to move on to a new role that is really fulfilling. ”

CL, helped with anxiety disorder, January 2020

“ Veronica has helped me greatly in resolving some very difficult issues in my life, helped me understand how I can manage anxiety, and to process a very traumatic event.

This has enabled me to recover when I didn't think that this was something I could resolve.

Talking with Veronica has given me great understanding of how I can begin and continue to help myself. I am very grateful for all our sessions. ”

SP, helped with anxiety and trauma, November 2019

“ I came to Veronica with anxiety, but perhaps did not understand that all the symptoms that I had were related to that; panic, swallowing issues, inability/not wanting to travel.

Veronica helped me to understand what was happening, how to address it to help myself day-to-day, and how to reduce my anxiety.

I've always been a confident and practical person and I don't think it was an easy task to support me in understanding what my issues were, but Veronica did it in just the right way.

I now feel more confident in dealing with any anxiety when it happens, and identifying triggers. I am back to enjoying travelling and family life. ”

KL, helped with health anxiety, September 2019

“ Veronica helped me stepped back from the issues and understand the wider perspective of the situation.

By pointing out directly the root causes of behaviours, she helped me learn practical ways of dealing with various scenarios.

Her direct, and often firm, style of assessing the situation particularly helped me to understand my own feelings and address them. ”

MT, helped with depersonalisation and depression, September 2019

“ I am very happy with what Veronica has done for me. She has helped me to listen to my body - to know when I'm tired and when to rest - and to take better care of myself.

My pain level is on a level one now, and has been for a long time. ”

FC, helped with chronic pain, August 2019

“ Coming to therapy has dramatically changed my perception of life and, more importantly, myself.

Veronica has enabled me to "codify" and comprehend the nature and root cause of many, if not all, of the underlying issues I've accumulated over decades going untreated.

I feel I am now better equipped to confront challenges ahead of me with my newfound knowledge. I am aware that I require further therapy, however this time around I know both what to expect and what is required of me.

Thank you for all your help! ”

CG, helped with anxiety and depression, July 2019

“ The therapy was extremely helpful! Veronica has been very patient and understanding throughout my sessions.

The tips given by her are helpful and I have been practicing them regularly. My sleep has improved and I am calmer and more relaxed now. I feel more energetic and enthusiastic.

I am very happy to have found Veronica at the right time. ”

SK, helped with insomnia, July 2019

“ I have never had therapy before; it was very useful and it helped me to better understand my childhood.

When I first met Veronica I was worried and wasn't sure about some feelings. She helped me to talk a bit more and find the answers that I was looking for. ”

FL, helped with difficulties with relationships, June 2019

“ This therapy has helped me to view my thoughts more objectively and highlighted patterns of negative thinking that I would otherwise never have noticed were unhelpful.

It has also provided me with different tools to tackle my different anxious thoughts, and I now feel more well-equipped to face my problems and anxieties head on. ”

LB, helped with an eating disorder, May 2019

“ Veronica has shown me that I am capable, strong, and resilient.

Over the past months I've found her guidance invaluable and a comfort, and I'm so glad I found her when I was in such a dark place.

I am feeling so much stronger now. Thank you so much! ”

EM, helped with low self-esteem, March 2019

“ I came believing it would be good to get some support but I did not believe I would manage to act on my problem and that they would improve. I have been proven wrong.

I can now be more in control of my problem, rather my problem controlling me and my life. I learned a lot about myself and learned excellent techniques. ”

WL, helped with health anxieties and depression

“ Thank you so much for your patience, kindness, and care over these years. You have helped me to look at so many challenging areas of my life and past, and I believe I have been able to begin to change as a result.

Thank you for handling my resistance so eloquently and for not judging me. ”

MC, helped with relationship problems, anxiety, and insomnia

“ At the beginning of our meeting I was not sure that talking to someone who knew nothing of me could help, how could it? How wrong I was!

It has been easier to talk to you than to talk to a close friend. ”

NG, helped with PTSD and anxiety

“ …Thank you for your help in making me see things as they are and for helping me to find ways to improve my life.

I don’t think these changes would have happened without your help. ”

AC, helped with relationship problems and managing a chronic health condition

“ ….All I want to say is thank you for your help in all these months. I will miss you but the greatest gift is that I don't need you anymore! ”

KS, helped with mild OCD and low self-esteem

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