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The priviledge of a life time is to become who you really are –  C. G. Jung

“I came believing it would be good to get some support but I did not believe I would manage to act on my problem and that they would improve. I have been proven wrong. I can now be more in control of my problem rather my problem controlling me and my life. I learned a lot about my self and learned excellent techniques”

WL, health anxiety and depression.

“Thank you so much for your patience, kindness and care over these years. You have helped me to look at so many challenging areas of my life and past and I believe I have been able to begin to change as a result. Thank you for handling my resistance so eloquently and for not judging me.”

MC, relationship problem, anxiety and insomnia

“At the beginning of our meeting I was not sure that talking to someone who knew nothing of me could help, how could it? How wrong I was! It has been easier to talk to you than to talk to a close friend”

NG, PTSD and anxiety

“…Thank you for your help in making me see things as they are and for helping me to find ways to improve my life. I don’t think these changes would have happened without your help”

AC, relationship problems and managing chronic health condition

“….All I want to say is thank you for your help in all these months. I will miss you but the greatest gift is that I don’t need you anymore!…”

KS, mild ocd and low self esteem

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